UPDATE: May 3, 2017

Updated Website for Chagall Sierra

Feel much happier with it now that it’s blue and purple Faerie colours in a nice clean style. Also a bit more focused. Some day I will write a cool bio.

Mobile Studio Setup Completed!

Finally put together the last piece of equipment needed for the iPad-based home studio setup, and tested it on a loooooooong overdue Kirrivath track. By “long overdue” I mean it’s a couple of decades since it was written. Major components of the setup include: iPad running Audiobus, Audioshare, Audiocopy, and…

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Chagall’s Music News – Fall 2016

The newsletter was emailed out to subscribers last night! Here’s some highlights for non-subscribers: FALLing into place! Hard at work all summer on the new Kirrivath album, “Dreamland, Heartland” which is almost done. Not wanting this beautiful summer to be over! How is it almost September already? Kirrivath: Get your…

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UPDATE: December 14, 2015

Welcome to the NEW Website!

Much website. Much css wrangling. Much relief it’s done.