Chagall’s Music News – Fall 2016

The newsletter was emailed out to subscribers last night! Here’s some highlights for non-subscribers:

FALLing into place!
Hard at work all summer on the new Kirrivath album, “Dreamland, Heartland” which is almost done. Not wanting this beautiful summer to be over! How is it almost September already?

Kirrivath: Get your name on the album credits by signing up before September 1st to support Chagall at Patreon, as well as receiving backstage stuff and exclusive Patron-only coolness for just $1 a month.

Chagall Sierra: Upcoming LIVE performances August 27 with the Toronto ART Collective’s open-air Artisan Fair and September 19 “Sing Like A Pirate!” at Grossman’s Tavern.

Wingspell & Paperbag Empress Records: Studio upgrades will make for much better quality demos next time.

It’s the support of you my fans and friends that makes this happen. Like Marilyn Monroe, if I am to “make it” the people will have put me there not the corporations!

Have a blessed season!
Chagall Sierra

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