Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

How I manage multiple social media accounts for multiple artists and still have time to make music and perform. It’s easy: leverage the GREAT tools out there!

Part 1: Focus

Okay so I might have a mild addiction to Twitter and Instagram. For music marketing though, that works in my favour. Those two platforms are the best and easiest way for people to find new independent music.

I check first thing in the morning and last thing at night before turning off notifications, and it helps me as a ritual to wake up and wind down. Then I check during the day if I’m waiting in line for something or waiting for my food to finish cooking.

Each app has the capability to run multiple accounts (Instagram has a maximum of 5 accounts), so all I have to do is switch back and forth.

Why not Facebook Pages? Well, I have them for each project but don’t focus on them because the return on investment is close to zero. Facebook is unfriendly to small business!

Part 2: Leverage

Using IFTTT, my posts to Instagram get automatically posted on Twitter and Facebook Pages as native posts.

Using SocialJukebox, “announcement” type tweets go out regularly to promote prior content without my having to schedule it all in advance. It’s on constant shuffle, so you want to have at least 14 tweets in the jukebox.

Released albums, singles, interviews, articles, and other general information is perfect for this service. There’s one free jukebox on the basic account, and that’s usable, but 2-3 with different content and scheduling is more ideal.

Have a show coming up? Hootsuite is the best service to set up a series of announcements in advance, across multiple platforms. Schedule in advance for Twitter and Facebook Pages, then set reminders to post to Instagram.

Part 3: Content

I take photos using my smartphone then edit them with Pixlr and Canva to create pretty eye candy. Both of these are available in the browser as well as iOS and Android.

Social Media Cheat Sheet 2017 – sizes and templates for use in social media posts, headers, and profile photos. Very useful!